What is a PDF File – How to Open or Edit: Everything you need to know

what is a pdf

What is a PDF File: The PDF files are those with the extension pdf behind their name. A file format that can incorporate images, text, and even music.

What is a PDF File:

According to the explanation of the Wikipedia : “PDF (Portable Document Format) is a format for storing documents, developed by Adobe Systems.
It is specially designed for documents that can be printed, as specified all necessary for the final presentation of the document information, determining the details of how it will be, requiring no further adjustment processes or layout”.

It is one of the most widespread Internet for document exchange formats, but require specific programs to access them, therefore, we have some viewer pdf files on your computer to view.

Perhaps the pdf reader also known as Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free, however, we have the possibility of using other programs also free for this purpose, such as:

Most PDF viewers only will allow us to watch the content of PDF files, they will not allow manipulating its contents, although depending on the characteristics of each of them, we could do some more features in your pdf file.

In addition to perusing or access a pdf file, we have the possibility to create, manipulate, protect the password, edit/modify, add or remove pages, watermark, page numbers, etc., using certain programs for it.

We can edit any pdf file or jpg files within few hours manually. You’ll get the exact same result as the original. Our web designers will modify your file and make changes very efficiently.

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